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The Chilliwack Independent Film Festival embarks on its 4th edition in 2020 and as a non-profit organization run 100% by volunteers we need your support. Any help you're able to provide ensures that CIFF can continue to showcase independent cinema from across BC and the rest of the globe. That means providing a platform for voices that would not otherwise be heard.

In 2019 we screened 39 films from over 10 countries with 44% of films being from female directors and over a 1/3 of films screened from Black, Asian or Minority filmmakers. In 2020 we decided to offer free submissions to all BAME filmmakers as we fight to do better and ensure underrepresented groups have their voices heard.

All donors will receive recognition leading up to the 20th Chilliwack Independent Film Festival as well as preferred access to the Festival and all of our events, which will be fully transferable or it can be assigned to support more artists to attend CIFF or participate in our programs, ensuring finances are never a barrier to inclusion.

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